Low key, soulful and authentic wedding films that are devoted to capturing YOUR story. 

Woven with love, rawness, and realness. 

No big distracting production out to tell a pre-determined love story -

just yours truly, a camera, and all the feels. 



Weddings? Abso-fkn-lutely. I love photography AND film, so if you're not keen for a wedding film, hit me up for stills. I'd love to capture your day.


Relaxed family portrait sessions (the kind where we chat and chill and snap some beautiful memories while you're feeling relaxed and real) and special events (the kind where you just want some candid fun and TOP QUALITY memories from the night), are my jam.

I'm dedicated to capturing beautiful passing moments and making sure that they can live forever. Keen?


Stories from around

the world

Love stories simply never get old. Ever. No matter how many times I watch brides walk down the aisle and lovers profess their vows to each other, it makes an impact.

Beyond the weddings I have the honour of being a part of, for me it's all about travel. Journey with me across the country and around the world. A written atlas of my travels filled thoughts straight from my heart, about all those things closest to it; adventure and moments that take your breath away.

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