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Real life is made up of infinite moments, and it’s the unplanned, unexpected, candid and real moments that I adore and love to capture. It’s a stolen glance, an unhidden laugh, a loving embrace, a playful smile; these are the kinds of moments that I believe are worth the world.

Whether it’s a portrait session, a special event, or the day you marry the love of your life; I am absolutely dedicated to capturing those passing moments and making sure that they can live forever.

Yours truly,
      Emily xx


First things first. You should know that ​I'm an absolute hopeless romantic. And I don't really mind if this is a good thing, a bad thing, or even just a silly girl thing. It's an unchangeable me thing. And I wouldn't have it another way.


Yup, I'm a sucker for love. But I’m a sucker for a bunch of other things as well. 

I’m a sucker for a party and a killer d-floor - all my couples have learnt this, and probably more appropriately, my friends are well aware of this as well. They know how much I love to get lost on the d-floor, sing really loudly with lyrics I usually get wrong, and often wholeheartedly commit to what I think is shuffling, in hindsight though I’m quite sure it’s not.

I love the sun on my skin and warm sand between my toes, and will run in the rain at absolutely any given chance. I love cooking, especially at mum and dad’s place on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I love closing my eyes when I eat delicious food for a lil added sensory deprivation (try it, it’s a GOOD time). 

I’m a sucker for movies and will happily talk for hours about anything from hard core action classics, to cheesy rom coms old and new. Oh and I will never EVER be too old for science fiction & fantasy novels (and films). Never ever. 

When I first met you

I remembered you

from a hundred different dreams

and there you were

for me to love

all over again

for the very first time.





little big things


Red wine is for all occasions. Whisky is also newly added to the list. I'm irrevocably in love. ​

I enjoy a coffee addiction prior to absolutely everything else every morning.

​Triple J Like a Version is absolutely the best thing about Friday mornings.

At my core I believe ​​I’m a dreamer and an idealist. And it's what I always want to be.

I’m passionately in love with this journey of life and all the precious memories I’m collecting along the way. 

And I feel truly f*cking blessed that this is what I get to do with my days. 



She asked

'You are in love,

what does it look like?'

To which I replied

'Like everything I've ever lost

come back to me'

Nayyirah Waheed 



I think everything in life is art. 

What you do. How you dress. 

The way you love someone, and how you talk.

Your smile and your personality. 

What you believe in, and all your dreams.

The way you drink your tea. 

How you decorate your home. Or party.

Your grocery list. The food you make. 

How your writing looks. 

And the way you feel. 

Life is art.


Helena Bonham Carter 

Maddison & Andrew
The first of many in their crew whose weddings I've now had the honour of capturing

Where do I even start!? Em was the best money we spent on our entire wedding day. She was professional, energetic, and super creative. We thought the 60 second preview video was amazing when it came through, only to then be absolutely floored by the 8 minute mini MOVIE she put together for us. We will have this amazing piece of our special day with us forever. She captured out theme and tone, and paired it perfectly with music, speeches, humour and a whole lotta love.


We would recommend Em to absolutely anyone and everyone - an absolute star!

Love Maddy and Andrew Thomas x

Courtney + Brayden
By last drinks I was wildly in love with them, their family, their story

[the day after their wedding]
You have seriously amazed us! Our families want to adopt you..

[sending the sneak peek]
We are in love with you. The family are all blubbering. It's incredible.
I just showed a complete stranger at the resort and she cried.

[and the grand finale]
Em!! We are all blubbering!! The video is amazing. You are incredible. It could not be more perfect. Thank you so so so so so so much.
We are obsessed. About to watch it for the gazillionth time. 
We are so lucky to have found you.


Georgia + Callam
AKA my rockstars from March 2020
(my lucky last wedding on the eve of 

Holy sh*t Em, this is bloody epic! Wow!! WOW!! It is that bloody cool. Thank you so so much! 

Honestly Cal and I were chatting the other day and said one of our highlights of the day was having you and Renae be there [*Renae Harvey Photography for those of you playing at home]. You guys made us have the best time when we thought we would be so nervous taking photos. 

This video is f*cking phenomenal!! 
Thank you so so so much xx 

Vicci & Ben
The beautiful couple from the first wedding I ever had the honour of filming

From our first conversation Em was and has always been so professional! I loved that at our first meeting it felt like we had known you for years!
She went above and beyond to make this beautiful wedding video a beautiful memory to look back on. Had lots of feedback from our guests about how lovely Em was and how they couldn’t wait to see the final result.
I am forever grateful! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!! 
Vicci & Ben

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