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Amy + Alan

Amy + Alan

Private Property 



At a family friend's home just out of Perth, Amy and Alan tied the knot in front a small group of family and friends.


In what was a short ceremony so that they could (and I quote) “get the party started as soon as possible”, Amy and Alan had written their own vows. The words each spoke were so gorgeously in tune, each naming the same things they loved about each other, alongside all the things they love to hate about each other. And just as their vows were mirrored and in tune, so were the speeches and accolades from all their family and friends. It was a party full of love for Amy and Alan’s genuine natures, their love of a good dig at one another, and their commitment to having one hell of a party. 


Coming into a family gathering like that was such beautiful experience; not only did I get to witness Amy and Alan vow their lives to one another, but I got to meet and learn about all these people who are like family to them. 


So, to Amy and Alan, thank you for making me feel like an old friend amongst family. Here’s to happy tears, mic drops, and some good old fashioned line dancing to take out the night!

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