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Ashton + Braden

Ashton + Braden

Evedon Estate, Western Australia



Leaving Ashton and Bradens’ wedding I simply could not wipe the smile off my face. Yes, the whole day was a kickass celebration filled with good times, touching times (I think we all had a tear in our eye alongside Braden during his vows), and hilarious times as even the mothers’ of both the bride and groom roasted their children when they got their chance in speeches. 


But, no, it was the dance floor just before I left that really had me with all the feels. 


Ashton shared her first dance with her father, then her first dance with Braden, and then the floor filled up as everyone got into it. But then… as Ashton and Braden found each other again amongst all their family and friends, they started busting moves that CLEARED the darn FLOOR! Footloose was a feature, enter Braden aka Kevin Bacon, and for a full two songs you could tell that for Ashton and Braden, there was no one in the room but them. Love, ladies and gentlemen. Rockin’, all consuming, passionate LOVE.


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