soulful adventures in film + photography


Wedding Photography? Abso-fkn-lutely.


I love photography AND film, so if you're not keen for a wedding film, hit me up for stills. 

I'd love to capture your day.


Soulful and authentic wedding films that are devoted to capturing YOUR story. 

Woven with love, rawness, and realness. 

Low key capturing - no big distracting production out to tell a pre-determined love story.

Just yours truly, a camera, and all the feels. 

Portraits, but likely not how you're used to them. Not the kind where you sit and pose and smile on the count of three. No, not like that at all. 


We'll chat, we'll chill, and I'll make sure it feels like it's a friend behind the camera. In a setting where you feel relaxed and real, I'll create a video portrait of you, capturing just who you are, all in moving pictures. 

For those times you go a little off course, only to find the greatest adventures and the best of memories...


Planning an afterparty? Guess what - I can come and ensure the memories of the night last a lot longer than your hangover.

Want to create a special lil gift for the love of your life in the lead up to your wedding? Say, a video portrait of yo gorgeous self? Let me create that for you both.


Click through, have a chat, and take a peak at the pages of the atlas that aren't published.