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Courtney + Evan

Courtney + Evan
Backyard Wedding 

“Evan & I truly are about good old music & really bad dance moves! Music is constantly playing in our house. We also have an ongoing joke with our families that our house is like an 'op shop' we have great respect for second hand items & people handing down items to us. It will be a backyard wedding with a thrown together boho vibe.. and we really want everyone having a jiggle with us on the dance floor by the end of the night!”

Walking into Courtney and Evan’s backyard wedding, those first words they spoke to me were playing over in my head. And let me tell you, as soon as I laid eyes on the beautiful set up, I instantly I felt right at home. The love and care that had gone into setting up their celebration was so evident in every gorgeous little detail. From the handmade party favours and the hand written signs, to the fairy lights strung up that made our overcast afternoon sky feel like a starry night, it was beautiful. I felt so wonderfully wrapped up in all the memories they had collected and arranged for the celebration, and for all the memories I knew we were soon to make! 

There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd as they each read your vows ♡ 

And as for the dance moves, I flippin’ loved ‘em!! The love and good vibes was unbelievably infectious and their wish of having people dancing the night away was achieved before the sun had even set.

Courtney + Evan, my rock stars, thank you for welcoming me like an old family friend

and sharing your beautiful love story with me.

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