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Hazel + Bernie

Heathcote Reserve + The Shorehouse 

Some of Hazel’s first words to me were 

“Bernie and I? We honestly look like we're best mates in the most platonic relationship ever. We still have our full names as each other's contact names on our phone, no one sees us hold hands.“

I absolutely adored her frankness, but really, I couldn't quite relate. Me? I’m a touchy feely kind of person. I kiss my boyfriend in public. I often hug people when I first meet them (yes, it is usually awkward but for some reason I never learn!). But that’s just me. And the opposite of that, so she informed me, was apparently going to be Hazel and Bernie. 

The lack of PDA’s, I expected. What caught me off guard, was the depth of love these two could express for each other WITHOUT the aid of physical contact at all times.

The giggles were never ending, the love came in great crashing waves. I got emotional, I got giggly, and most of all I got damn near euphoric hanging out with this couple – and their entire beautiful family - for a whole day filled with love and SO MANY laughs. 

Complete with relatives flying in from Malaysia without a word of English, a quartet of friends singing Hazel down the aisle and everyone through an opening prayer, and a traditional Tea Ceremony (my first!) overflowing with tradition, generosity and of course many many more laughs… well, it was truly the most blissful, hilarious and authentic adventure of a wedding I’ve ever had the honour of attending ♡


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