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Jenny + Jonny

Jenny + Jonny
Edgecombe Brothers Winery

Meeting Jenny + Jonny for the first time a couple weeks prior to the wedding, straight away I knew that these two were one hell of a team. Their coupled names suit them perfectly. And their wedding day sure as hell did not disappoint!


From reciting their identical vows, to looking after the adorable Amelia, to the dancing, the dabbing, the flossing… everything was done as one KICK ASS TEAM. And so I shouldn’t have been surprised when they hit the d-floor for their first dance, and they rocked some SERIOUS dance moves perfectly in tune with each other, which somehow was sizzling and sassy, and adorable and loving all at the same time. But heck I was surprised. Damn well took my breath away with how much fire and love was in the air! #couplegoals

Again I should have known, as back at that first meet I had a final question for them which I ask all my couples – what do you hope your day to be about? 

And the answer, very firmly from both of them?

“We don’t need a film that’s some soaring love story. It’s pretty simple – 

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