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Poppet + Taggs

Poppet + Taggs

Camp Quaranup, Albany



When one of my high school gals was getting married to her man down south in her new home town Albany, I was beyond excited. These two have been together pretty much since we graduated (better part of a decade) and while somehow I hadn’t managed to meet Taggs (aka Stewart) until a few short weeks before the wedding, it really felt like I had known him all along. It wasn’t simply that I had heard Poppet (aka Chantelle) tell stories about him countless times, nor was it because their adventures had long been popping up on my facebook feed... Taggs is just that kind of person who makes you feel like you’ve been mates for years in just a matter of minutes. Just like Poppet does. They are pure energy and happiness, and their wedding day did not disappoint!


The hottest day to shine upon Albany all year, a boat to ferry friends and family across to a vintage hall atop a hill, decorations sourced and styled by the leading lady herself, friends and family decked out in akubras, bow ties and a touch of 1920’s glamour, and a party playlist that the dream team that is Pop and Taggs could rap every word of.. this was a recipe for one hell of a celebration. 


I often say that watching two people who love each other get married will never get old. But seriously, that doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of joy and love I felt watching these two tie the knot. Both having written vows that the other would hear for the first time on the day, it was too cute as they both threw subtle yet similar digs at each other, right next to words of deep love and affection. The moment they danced their way into their reception will stay with me forever. The whole room on their feet, it felt like fireworks were going off in there. 


Pop + Taggs, I’m pretty damn sure I speak for everyone there that day in saying thanks for the raw love and the endless lols - in every single speech, from best man and bridesmaids, to telegrams read out on senders behalf, there were uncensored digs and burns paired with equally uncensored love and appreciation. But perhaps most memorably, thanks for the killer dance moves and rap battles that took out the night ♔♕


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