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Stacey + Sarah

Stacey + Sarah
Fairbridge Village

“I am so lucky, you are such a babe!”

These are words that continue to pop into my head of late.

And without fail, they bring a very cheeky smile to my face and I’m transported straight back to a setting sun at Fairbridge Village on a late autumn afternoon. It was here that I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the love between Stacey and Sarah. I got to hang with two truly beautiful souls that day who were utterly bursting with joy as they vowed their lives to each other. Stacey and Sarah; your love, your enthusiasm, your joy for life and every moment that you live in it, inspires the hell out of me.

That adorable moment was really just the icing on the cake that day. So many other moments hit me HARD with ALL THE FEELS. Like when Stacey walked around the corner for the first look at her bride. Her emotional reaction literally stopped her in her tracks, and I stood in awe as she was absolutely consumed in that moment. The energy was so incredibly powerful, that for Peggy (their wonder of a photographer) and I, it became all-consuming as well. I held back tears as I watched these two women see each other, come together and intertwine in every way that matters.

And we were only just getting started, as the moment was coming where they would be pronounced wife and wife. It was like I could feel all the joy of all their adventures thus far combined, expressed in that celebration of THIS IS US. 

Experiencing these moments with Stacey and Sarah, I felt like I already knew them so well. So much so, that when their fathers and their bestie got up to say a few words, I found Peggy and I glancing at each other with these knowing looks of understanding we now had in the tales told and recognition in the truth of their character. That didn’t help with my emotions when Sarah’s bestie of more than 20 years surprised her with an acoustic rendition, complete with heavenly vocals. Brace yourselves for that one ladies and gentlemen. I now find myself falling asleep with its sweet tune on my mind. 

Fairbridge Village brought the vintage setting and wholesome homey vibes, friends and family brought plates and platters of soul food to share, and their nearest and dearest brought words of love steeped in shared history and straight from the heart. And Sarah and Stacey? Those two girls brought the passion and strength of their shared story, which emulated in every glance, every hand squeeze and every brilliant expression of “you are SUCH A BABE, how did I ever get SO LUCKY?!”.


⋆ ⋆ ⋆

A massive thanks to Perth band The Tommyhawks for the use of their track 'Hollow'. Sarah and Stacey walked down the aisle to the song and including it in their film was a special request only made possible by the band xx

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