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Real life is made up of infinite moments, and it’s the unplanned, unexpected, candid and real moments that I adore and love to capture. It’s a stolen glance, an unhidden laugh, a loving embrace, a playful smile; these are the kinds of moments that I know are worth the world.

Whether it’s a portrait session, a special event, or the day you marry the love of your life; I am absolutely dedicated to capturing those passing moments and making sure that they can live forever.

Yours truly,
      Emily xx


"Where do I even start!? Emily was the best money we spent on our entire wedding day.


She was professional, energetic, and super creative. She captured out theme and tone, and paired it perfectly with music, speeches, humour and a whole lotta love. 


We will have this amazing piece of our special day with us forever and we would recommend Emily to absolutely anyone and everyone."



Why I chose to be a filmaker.
And why I'm completely obsessed with my work 

It's about being able to capture and translate memories in ways that evoke deeper emotions within us. 


I’d say I’m a relatively intense person. Not necessarily on the outside, but in terms of feeling things.. I like feeling things intensely, passionately and completely. 


So when I experience a moment and film it, I want everyone to feel it in the same way it hit me. With video, I feel I can do that. I can show you the moment, and translate it with sound and colour and rhythm and soul so that it wraps you up in the emotion that I can feel these moments hold.


In making a film I believe we can feel even more than what we felt in the moment alone - I can make it feel like everything it represents. It’s history and potential and legacy. Moments that are laced with everything that has meaning to those within it, their story and their love, woven together and bought to life.


I love the challenge that presents. The quest. And the satisfaction of finishing each film and knowing that feeling can live forever.


(The day after their wedding) 

"You have seriously amazed us!

Our families want to adopt you."


(Sending the sneak peek)

"We are in love with you. The family are all blubbering.

It's incredible. I just showed a complete stranger at the resort and she cried."


(Feature Film Premiere)

"Em!! We are all a mess!! The video is amazing. You are incredible. It could not be more perfect. Thank you so so so so so so much. We are obsessed. About to watch it for the gazillionth time. We are so lucky to have found you."


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